Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida 2017

The International exhibition of green-marine technologies and propulsion systems

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida, to be held in Tampa, Florida, from January 16-18, 2017, is dedicated solely to showcasing the very latest and next-generation electric and hybrid marine propulsion technologies.

A truly global event, with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida is exclusively for people interested in green-marine propulsion. Electric and hybrid propulsion systems are quieter or even silent, meaning a smoother propulsion experience. And with no gasoline or diesel engine, pure-electric engines have little or no vibration too. There are other advantages including lower emissions and saving fuel cost, but also the convenience of marina- or harbour-side charging. And increased electrification means you can run more auxiliary systems too.

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida will showcase repowering solutions and systems integrators and service agents. Electric and hybrid boats will also be on display, as well complete propulsion systems and the components that go into creating a green-marine propulsion system. If you are looking for repowering solutions or the components that create electric and hybrid systems, then Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida, from January 16-18, 2017 in Tampa, Florida, is the place to be. Entrance to Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida is free.

On display within the exhibition:

• Discover smoother, quieter propulsion systems
• See green-marine technologies
• Repowering solutions
• Repowering propulsion integrators and service agents
• Energy storage solutions
• Electric motors
• Microturbines
• Electric outboards
• Drive control systems
• Super-capacitors
• Converters and Inverters
• Diesel/electric generators
• Emission reduction technologies
• Electric/hybrid control systems
• Electric pod/bow/side thrusters
• Battery charging systems
• Fuel cell technology
• LNG/hybrid propulsion

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida is organised by the publisher of Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International, the world’s only publication dedicated to these emerging electric and hybrid propulsion technologies. In effect, this world expo will bring the pages of the magazine to life (click here to read the latest issue).

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida is organised by UKIP Media & Events, the world's premier international trade show organiser and magazine publisher operating in the maritime, aviation, automotive and transportation sectors. It is an international organiser of almost 30 industry-leading exhibitions, working globally in Hong Kong, Detroit, Los Angeles, Brussels, Stuttgart, Paris, Geneva and Brasilia, and attracts over 3,000 exhibiting companies and over 50,000 visitors to its events every year. Click here to discover more.


Mon 16 January 12pm - 6pm
Free drinks party from 4pm to 6pm
Tue 17 January 10:30am - 5pm
Free Exhibit hall lunch from
12pm until 1:30pm
Wed 18 January 10:30am - 4:30pm
Exhibit hall 'breakfast' from 10:30am until 12pm
2017 Click here...
Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2017
Dates: 6-8 June 2017
Location: Amsterdam RAI,
The Netherlands

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida 2017
West Hall
Tampa Convention Centre
333 S Franklin Street
FL 33602



Future show dates:

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Florida 2018
Dates: 8 - 10 January 2018
Location: Hall A, Broward, County Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida